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WhatsApp's new privacy feature

WhatsApp's new privacy feature

WhatsApp has a new privacy feature.  This feature allows users to hide from certain people during their last sis.

Earlier, WhatsApp offered only three options.  They are - everyone can see the last scene, only those who are on the contact list can see or no one can see.

In addition to Last Scene, WhatsApp also offers these three options for profile photos and about the section.  So this new feature of being able to hide from certain people can be used in all these cases.

This messaging app owned by Meter has been brought to the market for testing the beta version with this new feature.  This new privacy option is expected to hit the market in September 2021.

WhatsApp has just launched the Android Beta app so that customers can use it.  They are giving some customers a chance to test it before it officially comes on the market.

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