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'Paul the Great' Sachin Tendulkar

'Paul the Great' Sachin Tendulkar

Remember the octopus Paul!  The sea creature made headlines for accurately predicting the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Paul died in October 2010 after that World Cup.  The animal's name has not yet been erased, although it has departed from the earth.  When someone's prediction about something is correct, he is compared to Paul.  Some even call him Paul for fun or caress.

The number of people who love Sachin Tendulkar is no less in the world of cricket.  Some of those countless fans can now call their favorite star Tendulkar by the name of Paul.  One of his predictions has come true.  In such a match, such a team will win or such a team will lose.  But in a cricket match, if someone predicts that a batsman will be lbw or bold as a bowler, what will you say to him?  Also called 'Paul the Great'!

With that in mind, if any of his fans want to call Tendulkar 'Paul the Great', they can!  Tendulkar made such a prediction about yesterday's Australia-Pakistan match and it came true.  Thus, Indians affectionately call Tendulkar a 'cricket god'.  Playing all the great innings throughout his career, he has won a number of matches against India.  Tendulkar seems to have played a similar 'masterclass' innings yesterday.

Tendulkar made a prediction in a video before the Australia-Pakistan match.  That's it - Australia captain Aaron Finch will be lbw or bold if Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Afridi goes to play cross-bat.  That is what happened in yesterday's match.  Before making any run, Finch returned as lbw off Afridi.  At the end of the match, Tendulkar wrote in his Instagram story with the video of his prediction, "Sometimes you will make accurate predictions."

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