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Online payment will be more easier now, great feature is coming in Google Pay app


Google Pay app is about to bring the latest "Speech to text" feature

New preferences are also coming in the alternative language option

Using Google Pay app for Indian users is now easier

Online payment will be more easier now, great feature is coming in Google Pay app

The new "Speech to text" feature is coming to the Google Pay app.  With this fancy feature, users can make money transactions through voice commands.  Google recently announced this new feature at the Google for India 2021 online event.  In addition, new alternative language options for Indian users are being brought in the Google Pay app.

In a recent interview with PTI, Ambrish Keng, Vice President, Product Management, Google Pay App, said that the main purpose of Google Pay App is to make money transactions easier.  That is why the whole thing is being analyzed so that this benefit can reach people of all economic conditions equally.  The company is happy with the way the digital payment method is working in India. And the company is helping digital payment users to be a part of this process.

When the "Speech to text" feature is turned on in the Google Pay app, users will be able to connect their bank account with the app through the command.  It is also known that Hindi + English = Hinglish option is being brought as an alternative preference in the language option.  Google is the first to introduce this feature in the world.  In this context, the Google Pay app says that this alternative language option is being brought to match the way most people in India communicate every day.

While users are confident about the security of the typing feature in the Google Pay app, many are skeptical about the exact security of the voice command feature.  In this regard, Google has informed that just like the text feature, Speech to text ”Google Pay feature will also have the highest level of security in terms of user data.

By the way, so far more than one crore merchants have signed up for the Google Pay app.  And that's why this app is trying to make their service more user friendly.

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